About Us

First Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church located in Frewsburg, NY,  just minutes away from Jamestown and Chautauqua Lake.We were founded in 1838 and our present building was built in 1850. Many families over the years have discovered the joy of being part of our friendly Bible-believing church.

Much has changed in society since our church was founded. Church is not considered important by not only non Christians but by even Christians themselves. To combat this, churches have acquiesced and resorted to measures to appeal to people to get them to go to their church. Preaching has been replaced by dramas. The old-fashioned hymns of the faith have been replaced with “Christian” rock concerts.The Baptist church has become the community church. Revival meetings have been replaced by seminars. The King James Bible has been replaced by the popular version of the week. Churches will even have their services on Saturday evening so people do not have to worry about getting up for church on Sunday.  We at First Baptist believe we have no right to change that which God has ordained for His church. We stand on the same fundamentals of the faith that we stood on in 1838. This is what is needed. Not a church that changes its stand because of the times in which it is, but a solid church relying on a never-changing God and His never-changing word.

Why don’t we change? We chose to honor God and His word first and foremost. But not only that, we love people and want to see you and your family both know Christ as Savior and live a victorious Christian life. People need a church which will remain as steady as the Rock upon which it is built. We would be honored for you and your family to grace us with your presence at the First Baptist Church of Frewsburg.

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