Links to Good Material

Links to Good Material

Links checked for accuracy October 12, 2009

Fundamental KJV Links

  1. Amazing Grace Missions – Soul Winning Ministry from Dayton, Tn
  2. Authorized Version For Today King James Bible Articles
  3. Beebe Publications Books, tapes, and all your church needs via an online store.
  4. Bible Baptist Church Publications of Oak Harbour
  5. Bible Believing Fundamentalist Pastor Mike O’Neil
  6. Bible Information on the superiority of the King James Bible plus much more.
  7. Bible Bible Believers Resource Page – Kelly Condron’s excellent site.
  8. Bible Truth Defending the King James Bible – Many online articles
  9. Bible Version Debate Resolved
  10. Bill Lystlund Revival Ministries Evangelist Bill Lystlund
  11. Calvary Contender
  12. Christian Hall of Fame Canton Baptist Church
  13. Christian News & Views
  14. Cobblestone Road Ministries – Apologetics, Bible Prophecy & KJV Bible Studies
  15. Commonground Baptist Camp – Junior & Teen Summer Camps, Winter Camp, Men’s Retreat, Ladies Retreat, Sports Tournaments (Formally known as Geneseee Valley Baptist Camp)
  16. Contending for the Faith Faith Bible Baptist Church, Eden, NY. Pastor Art Kohl.
  17. Crown College of the Bible Dr Clarence Sexton
  18. Dial-the-Truth Ministries We are a Christian resource ministry. Our purpose is presenting the truth and exposing error with the light of the Word of God, with emphasis on The King James Bible, prophecy and Christian music. We stand on the sole authority of the King James Bible (AV 1611).
  19. Dr Jack Hyles Memorial Site Online Text Sermons and Books
  20. Endtime Ministries Christian Resource Centre
  21. Friend to Churches Ministries Evangelist Sam Gipp
  22. Fundamental Baptist Institute – Online study material
  23. Fundamental Broadcasting Network – Christian Radio at its finest!
  24. Good News For Catholics
  25. Great Site Rare Bibles, Antique Bibles, Bible Leaves, and Ancient Biblical Manuscripts
  26. Hook Publications Purchase Books, Music, Patterns
  27. Independent Baptist Network
  28. Jesus on the Web
  29. Jesus is Lord Many online articles
  30. John & Cathy O’Brien’s Home Page Unaffiliated Baptist Missionaries in Kharkov, Ukraine
  31. Johnny The Baptist Brother Johnny Campbell’s Testimony plus much more!
  32. King James Bible Page Here you will find information regarding the King James Bible and the Bible Version issue, a subject which should be of the highest concern to the Christian.
  33. – Custom Tracts & Church Brochures
  34. Owens Publication Dr Jeff Owens
  35. Psycho Heresy Awareness Ministry
  36. Sound Doctrine Ministry of The Open Door Baptist Church, Bismarck, ND. many online articles.
  37. Street Preachers Homepage
  38. Street Preaching Links
  39. Study The Bible Topically Here you will find thousands of Bible verses indexed by hundreds of subjects.
  40. Sword of the Lord
  41. Take the Contemporary Christian Music(CCM) Test!
  42. The Stable Printing Ministry – The Stable Printing Ministry was started in 1994 for the purpose of providing “High Quality” printed material for God’s people.
  43. Many online articles and many subjects
  44. Twenty One TNT
  45. What the Bible Say About…
  46. Wholesome Words

Jail & Prison Ministries

  1. 2nd Chance Christian Newsletter – We are a King James Bible believing ministry that sends KJV Bibles, Bible lessons, booklets, and newsletters to inmates 100% free of charge.

Baptist Church Directories

  1. BaptistInfo Directory Find a church in your area.
  2. Bible Believers Church Directory
  3. Independent Baptist Church Locater
  4. WOL’s Directory of Independent Baptist Churches

Independent Baptist Churches

  1. Calvary Baptist Church of Harrisburg, PA Bible Studies and More – Dr. Ernest D. Moore, Pastor
  2. Calvary Heights Baptist Church of Elma, NY – Pastor Dale Nuijenss
  3. Center Road Baptist Church of West Seneca, NY – Pastor Bill Livermore
  4. Cleveland Baptist Church – Cleveland, OH – Pastor Kevin Folger
  5. Community Baptist Church – Kenosha, WI – Pastor Todd R. Cook
  6. Cornerstone Bible Baptist Church – Ransomville, NY – Pastor Jack Britt
  7. Grace Baptist Church Pastor Jon Jenkins Online Radio – Gaylord, MI
  8. Grace Of Calvary Baptist Church of Erie, PA – Pastor George Alquist – Online Audio Sermons
  9. Gospel Light Bible Baptist Church of Rochester, NY – Pastor Vince Giardino
  10. Heritage Baptist Church of Ocala, FL – Pastor Walt Smith
  11. Independent Baptist Church of Elmira, NY – Pastor Richard Hack
  12. Lehigh Valley Baptist Church Home Page of Emmaus, PA – Pastor Doug Hammett – Excellent Online Bookstore For Baptist History
  13. Lighthouse Baptist Church of San Diego, CA – Pastor Doug Fisher
  14. Lighthouse Baptist Church of North Tonawanda, NY – Pastor Dave Costantino
  15. Old Time Baptist Church of Hamburg, NY – Pastor Louis Guadagno
  16. Southeast Bible Baptist Church of Penfield, NY – Pastor Zachery Dressner
  17. Starlight Baptist Church – What does the Bible say? Series of Articles
  18. Tabernacle Baptist Church of Lubbock, Texas – Pastor EL Bynum. The site contains tracts and also a link to Plains Baptist Challenger
  19. Treasure Valley Baptist Church Pastor Rick DeMichele – Online Sermons
  20. Wyldewood Baptist Church of Oshkosh, WI- Pastor Randy King

Independent Baptist Church Live Streaming

  1. Bible For Today Baptist Church – Collingswood, NJ – Pastor DA Waite
  2. Cleveland Baptist Church – Cleveland, OH – Pastor Kevin Folger
  3. Lancaster Baptist Church – Lancaster, CA – Pastor Paul Chappell
  4. Lehigh Valley Baptist Church Home Page – Emmaus, PA – Pastor Doug Hammett
  5. North Valley Baptist Church – Santa Clara, CA -Dr. Jack Trieber
  6. Old Time Baptist Church of Hamburg, NY – Pastor Louis Guadagno

Tract Ministries

  1. – Custom Tracts & Church Brochures – $50 for 1000 Full Color Business Cards, that is full color on both sides!
  2. Dial-the-Truth Ministries Tracts Page
  3. Fellowship Tract League Gospel tracts!
  4. Chick Tracts
  5. The Stable Printing Ministry – The Stable Printing Ministry was started in 1994 for the purpose of providing “High Quality” printed material for God’s people.

For Ladies Only

  1. Biblical Femininity
  2. Christian Womenhood Purchase excellent material online
  3. Mom of 9’s Place
  4. Simplici-Tea & Crumpets – Encouragements for Women newsletter
  5. The Christian Woman
  6. Women’s Apparel
  7. Women’s Corner
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